Monday, June 25, 2012

Dear Baby,

Ibu is quite fine today! Though Ibu felt giddiness today, but the headache and vertigo dissapeared after Ibu got lunch! In fact, I'm quite energetic and managed to cut some watermelon and make Ketayap for dinner with your nenek.

What can I say about carrying you for 10 weeks and 4 days?

Well. A confession, I am so pemalas all this while. I sleep like a log whenever I got a chance to do so. I hate SUSU and OBIMIN. Seriously, I just don't know how to be compliance with my supplements and SUSU (err..not a good example of a pharmacist, I bet. HAHA).

But baby, I love you! Not taking SUSU doesn't mean I don't love you. I just hate SUSU because it makes me feeling nauseated.

Today, when I got ready for work, your Ayah rubbed my tummy. Then he said this; "Eh perut awak... kerasnya!". I told him this. "Laa...ada baby. Memang la!." My stomach is getting tighter, day by day. Bulging out and I got 'tyre spare' here and there. HEHE

My weight?

I gain kilos! My arms are getting flabby and I can't fit any of my jeans nor my shirt anymore, EXCEPT my night tees. But I'm not complaining. I'm just explaining you the truth of getting pregnant. You will always feel sakit here and there, and for my case? The worst part (for now) is pain in right buttock. Some say it is Sciatica and some say it is Pelvic Girdle Pain. Oh, whatever it is, it's painful and I have to ask your Ayah to massage me every night. Haha

Your Ayah is the best man I ever met. The best one that deserves to be your daddy. He never complaining. He does laundry whenever I am so so sooo busy, working or having workshop.  He massage me everytime I'm complaining sakit-satu-badan and he even bought us food since I'm so lethargic lately.

Uncle Moja said you're probably a baby boy. His theory (from a journal) and more articles said that a female fetus induce hyperemesis moreover in the first trimester of pregnancy due to the increase level of Oestrogen. And yup, it can also due to high Beta-HCG.

I did some search and looks like he's right (theoretically), but heck, either you're a boy or a girl, we will love you dearly with all of our heart! =)

I rarely got morning sickness. It is just feeling nausea once in the bulan biru.

They said, you're fully formed by now. Facial features are defined and you're now in fetal stage! Kicking and moving around although I can't feel it yet. Not till you're 18 to 20 weeks since you're my first baby.

Whenever I was so weak, I felt sad not being able to recite you any Quran verse/ayat. I felt bad because I was so lazy, lying on bed and sleeping like nuts! Ibu sorry eh?

Err baby. I need to go. I want to watch Once Upon A Time. I promise that one day when you're out into this world, I'm going to read you books of fairytales and Sirah Rasul.

Yes, I will! InsyaAllah :)

I didn't have any pregnancy journal book like others though I wish to have one to jot down everything. I tried to look for it at bookstore, sadly I didn't manage to get one because there is no MPH over here. So to satisfy myself, I will write them here. Huhu. Sorry peeps! ;p


RieNa said...

syud, u've to get this book. Diari ibu hamil. kat ada kot. check my entry about this.

best gila buku ni!

s.c.h.u.l.t said...

kak riena, macam mana nak cari diari tu? dah habis ushar dah kat tak jumpa2. haha :D

RieNa said... syg, bukan

cari katalog sebelah kiri. buku tu bwh kategori kesihatan.k riena tgk ada ni.

s.c.h.u.l.t said...

oooo.jumpa3! thanks! HEHE =D